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What is a community, if not a group of people who share values and go through similar experiences? Considering this definition, Avenues Community Engagement (ACE) is directly interested in bridging worlds apparently detached but truly connected, just as Jardim Panorama and Avenues’ communities, who are separated by a narrow street but face an abyss of prosperity between them. Yet, how would this be possible in a school? The answer is: through transforming beautiful ideas into real, authentic, and long-term projects which involve a wide range of agents within and outside the campus, with a special highlight on the students. Therefore, from the architectural renovation of a public square to mentorship for inspiring social leaders of São Paulo, the ACE Team’s objective is to go beyond the generation of occasional aid and make Community Engagement a core element of the school’s mission and culture.

A special thanks to some special partners that

contributed to the success of these projects:
Ana Cristina Percope, Arthur Casas, Atados, EMEF Alcântara Machado,

Estúdio Colírio, Instituto Phi, Kika Pipponzi, Muriel Matalon, Rede de Proteção

Real Panorama, Rede Real Panorama - Comunidade, Setor de Praças da Subprefeitura do Butantã and Simone Saiki.


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